Kerry Foods has a comprehensive range of some of the nation’s best known and best performing chilled food brands, which means that we are ideally placed to delight the tastebuds of tomorrow.

At Kerry Foods, our mission is to help you maximise your chilled sales by giving your shoppers what they want. This includes:

  • Chilled food inspiration every time they come into your store
  • Simply brilliant food and brands that delight the tastebuds of tomorrow
  • Chilled food for every occasion and shopper mission (Food to Go, Top Up, Meal for Tonight)

Our Brands

  • Cheestrings

    Cheestrings is the most popular kids' cheese snack in the UK and Ireland and, is available in a range of formats and flavours.

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    LowLow is a great tasting, healthier cheese range from Kerry Foods. Available in a variety of formats and great tasting flavours.

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  • PURE

    Pure is made using the purest ingredients and is free-from dairy and artificial preservatives.

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  • Yollies

    Yollies is the world's first yogurt on a stick, made with deliciously fruity yoghurt and packaged in convenient pods.

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    Richmond is Britain’s best-loved sausage brand, a tea-time family favourite and has a growing presence in the sausage category.

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    Mattessons is perfect for satisfying the whole family's growing appetite for meat snacks. The range includes Fridge Raiders and Savagers.

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  • WALL'S

    Wall's have been making sausages since 1786 and is one of the nation's best loved and best known brands.

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  • Fire & Smoke

    The range boasts seven prepack crafted meats and two deli counter products with a mix of truly mouth-watering flavours.

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