Convenience shopping will continue to grow due to changing shopper habits. We know that there has been an increase in terms of shopping little and often, longer working hours, ageing population and households buying for one.

Getting to know your shopper

Understanding your shopper is absolutely key, including why people go into your store, as well as any barriers to purchase. Here are some of the most frequent shopper frustrations with the current chilled range offered by their local convenience store:

Understanding shopper ‘missions’

You can unlock growth opportunities and help meet shopper needs by having a clear understanding of what mission a shopper is on and their reason for coming into store.

There are 3 key shopper missions:

These missions are forecast to grow by a minimum of +4% by 2020. This will mean that Food-to-go and Meal solutions will be worth over £10 billion by 2020.

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All data references can be found within the ‘Building a nation of chilled experts’ brochure. Download here for complete list of references.