Kerry Foods, the expert in chilled, is working with agility in response to customer and shopper feedback by refreshing its packaging to suit changing needs. Whilst the new GoGo’s Protein Snacks, introduced to the range in February this year, are helping to drive the 69% incremental growth within the convenience channel1, Kerry Foods saw the opportunity to do more to help shoppers understand the product range.

Snacking is firmly a part of people’s lives and is worth £31bn[1], with 63% of the UK snacking once a day or more[2], so it is important to make products as easy to shop for consumers as possible. The new packaging will see GoGo’s further hero cheese, one of the nation’s favourite snacks, as well as featuring larger windows and food photography to help product comprehension. The leading element will be the inclusion of a simplified protein message – a market currently worth £43m and growing at +36.5%[3].


Matt Paterson, GoGo’s Brand Manager at Kerry Foods, comments: “Because the concept of the Protein Snacks is such a new and innovative addition to the market, we recognise that we need to do more to help consumers understand what they are and their benefits. With the rising trend of protein, we wanted to really lead with this element, but also highlight that GoGo’s is more than just a cheese snack. To help communicate the messaging of the new snack, we have also tweaked the names: from Oat-Tastic to Protein Snack, Oat Boost; Full of Beans to Protein Snack, Crunchy Bean Boost; and Protein Power to Protein Power, Ultimate Boost to really play up the protein element.


“We know that 1 in 10 people enjoy 43 up to different types of snack a month[4] and GoGo’s is perfectly suited to adding something different to shoppers’ repertoire. Finding a gap in the market, GoGo’s will now look punchier with a real foodie theme to help drive standout and disruption at point of purchase. The brand is performing well by disrupting the shopper in the convenience channel and as part of meal deals, we are looking forward to seeing the impact that the new packaging will have for our customers,” adds Paterson.


Innovation is at the heart of GoGo’s and the key is to continually disrupt the adult snacking category. By listening to customer and shopper feedback, the brand is adapting in real time to meet shoppers’ needs. GoGo’s provides the goodness of cheese always fresh from the fridge, along with other tantalising ingredients for adults to enjoy and snack throughout the day, like dark chocolate covered coffee beans. The brand is centred around enlivenment and delivering surprising ingredient, flavour and texture combinations that make nutritious food exciting for shoppers.


The new packaging will be available from the beginning of October.

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